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Cloud Hosted: Scalable, Secure, Reliable

Chain of Custody is the launch application on our 4Trust platform.  DocuChain hosts a copy of the immutable Chain of Custody log on its cloud hosted site, which also provides end user support and billing services.


User defined: mission critical outcomes

Chain of Custody connects all the elements that you select to deliver your agreed outcome in a multi-party ecosystem that validates processes, people and data.

Chains of Custody enable full oversight over mission-critical outcomes and ensure best practice is rigorously followed.

DocuChain’s unique, transformational 4Trust platform provides organisations with a real time dashboard of their outcomes, web accessible from a laptop or mobile device. 


Core Functionality: Delivers real time trust

Chain of Custody can functionally be described as follows:

  • End User Access Applications compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and websites that read the artifact and are vectored to a secure portal.

  • Intelligent Artifact Gateways currently NFC-powered and in a variety of form factors including documents and for embedding into components and finished products (other types of artifacts are under test).

  • Containerised Application Portal that allows the rapid configuration of bespoke business performance applications based upon end user defined outcomes.

  • Evidentiary Data Points that are captured in the portal and that support the agreed outcomes. This includes the credentials of stakeholders and their authorised levels to execute the agreed outcomes.


Consensus Based: Asset authentication for value transfer

Processes, people and data are defined on a consensus basis so that all trusted parties can have confidence in the data and access to an evidentiary audit trail.

The interface to the 4Trust portal is designed to be domain specific, and can be through smartphone, tablet or NFC-reader enabled computers.

4Trust’s containerised architecture was designed to have no single point of failure in the event of subversion or attack.

4Trust databases hold hashed information pointing to the location or owner of an artifact and hashes of the temporal historical transaction records.


DocuChain will launch additional applications on 4Trust including Chain of Value in Q4 of 2019.