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Personal Data Pod

4Trust Portal

Here are some examples of Artifacts relevant to a Personal Data Pod.


Here is the 256-Hash of the Personal Chain of Custody Artifact:

hex: 88052cd493248f4ce47f6f1f93fe08ef3b26d2e2ab9c2781a047eccbfba03419
HEX: 88052CD493248F4CE47F6F1F93FE08EF3B26D2E2AB9C2781A047ECCBFBA03419
h:e:x: 88:05:2c:d4:93:24:8f:4c:e4:7f:6f:1f:93:fe:08:ef:3b:26:d2:e2:ab:9c:27:81:a0:47:ec:cb:fb:a0:34:19
base64: iAUs1JMkj0zkf28fk/4I7zsm0uKrnCeBoEfsy/ugNBk=

Chain of Custody Business Case

Common Functional Architecture of Chain of Custody 

4Trust is a portal that provides access to Chains of Custody created by licensees.  Chains of Custody have common features and capabilities. 

  • Unified Business Performance Domain:  Chain of Custody licensees agree which Processes (purchase, sale, valuation, lien, right, privileges, certification; supporting Data (.docx, .pdf, .png, .jpeg, .mp4, .mp3); People (buyers, sellers, bankers, engineers, lawyers, etc) will constitute their Chains of Custody to maximise business performance, customer relationship management, compliance and other processes that deliver a measurable ROI. 

  • Immutable Blockchain Record:  Agreed Processes, Data and People are recorded in a distributed ledger. Chains of Custody fall into several high level genres: personal, enterprise, governmental.

  • Real Time Authentication: 4Trust users can authenticate Processes, Data and People in real time in their chains of custody using smart phone, web and desktop applications that access our 4Trust Portal via Intelligent Gateways embedded in ArtiFacts.

Wide Spectrum of Standard Applications 

4Trust Chain of Custody is a flexible, cost effective, easily deployed solution that can cover a wide spectrum of applications. 

  • Best Practice - Internal and external facing processes are rigorously enforced according to corporate & industry best practice.

  • Regulatory Compliance - Documents and processes that support regulatory compliance are archived and easily accessed.

  • Relationship Management - Rebalancing of equities, where all are treated as an equal stakeholder.

  • Title and Use Rights - Asset managers are able to access and authenticate high value assets and the rights of parties to use them.

  • Real Time Authentication - Removal of friction and costs from processes and confirmation of rights and obligations in real time.

  • Accreditation of Personnel - Identity, experience, history and accreditations of all stakeholders in any given transaction.

  • Risk Management - Details of sellers, buyers, intermediaries, valuations, undertakings, assessments that can be recalled in real time. 

Return on Investment 

All Chain of Custody applications are driven by a measurable return on investment.

  • Optimising Performance by defining shared performance criteria.

  • Increasing Throughput of existing infrastructure.

  • Reduced Disputes and Litigation through consensus of all stakeholders.

  • Reducing overheads by removing people, processes and data that do not impact on business performance.

  • Removing Third Parties such as brokers, advisors, assessors, peripheral managers and parties that add cost and friction to processes.

  • Shortening Completion Cycles for transaction and processes.

  • Protecting Data and Identity in a distributed network is more robust than a centralized network.

  • Complying with Regulators is streamlined and visible to stakeholders.

Artifacts to suit all applications

Artifacts are available in many form factors to complement the design and functionality of the asset. DocuChain provides a spectrum of Artifacts, which include Substrates (durable, tear resistant, waterproof replacements for paper or cardboard in any size or shape), Tokens, Tags, Dongles, Fobs, Cards and Packaging. All of these Artifacts have embedded intelligence, memory and encryption capabilities.

These Artifacts can be attached to goods, or embedded in goods and become intelligent gateways with which to communicate to high-value customers.

Real time secure communications with suppliers and customers

DocuChain provides downloadable applications for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux operating environments. These applications are customised by DocuChain to reflect the business performance and customer relationship management objectives of the Licensee. Of course, the Licensee’s branding and key market messages are resident within the portal.