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Chain of Custody

CHAIN OF CUSTODY demonstration

Demos of the Chain of Custody Application require the completion of a standardised process:

  1. DocuChain Non-Disclosure Agreement

  2. DocuChain Framework Licence Agreement (including a demo-specific “Call Off” which is specific to the context of your demo including the details of the end use application, the number of users and the period of the demo)

  3. Demo Data Template (collection of the Processes, People and Data specific to your demo’s requirements)

  4. Demo Artefact (issued to reflect the demo data collection)

  5. Chain of Custody Download (from our AWS site)

Our licencing support team will guide you throughout this process.  The Framework Licence Agreement is issued on a free of charge basis, but is subject to:

  • Framework Licence terms and conditions;

  • Call Off terms and conditions;

  • Any agreed customisation fees (these will vary based upon end user requirements).

Further information can be retrieved from these links. 

http://docuchain.co.uk/NonDisclosureAgreement (complete for password generation)

http://docuchain.co.uk/DemoGuide (password protected)

http://docuchain.co.uk/FrameworkLicenceAgreement (password protected)


To process your demo application, please contact:

Ben Leone, Licencing and Technology Support