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Get in touch!

Get in touch!

All initial inquiries should be sent to either Philip or Benjamin. Please see the below list for contact information of the entire team.

Key People:

Philip Leone, CEO & Co-Founder: philip.leone@docuchain.co.uk

Lesley Leone, Co-Founder & Executive Director: lesley.leone@docuchain.co.uk

Derek Jones, COO: derek.jones@docuchain.co.uk

Prof. David Lowe, CTO & Executive Director: david.lowe@docuchain.co.uk

Dr. Chris Satchwell, CSO: chris.satchwell@docuchain.co.uk

Benjamin Leone, Licensing: benjamin.leone@docuchain.co.uk

Hampton Dowling, CEO Americas: hampton.dowling@docuchain.co.uk

Neill Harvey, CEO Middle East & Africa: neill.harvey@docuchain.co.uk

Anil Saralaya, CEO Asia: anil.saralaya@docuchain.co.uk

Richard Despard, Non-Executive Director: richard.despard@docuchain.co.uk

Humbert Buemi, Non-Executive Director: humbert.buemi@docuchain.co.uk

Dr. David Landsman OBE, Non-Executive Director: david.landsman@docuchain.co.uk