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DocuChain Careers

Software Developer Job Opportunity.


We are looking for a meticulous and technically skilled Software Engineer to develop, test, deploy and support End User solutions in a fast moving and diverse customer base. As a member of a small start-up team you will have a key role in growing the core software architecture towards leading your own production environment.  The ability to stay focussed and maintain professional standards under pressure will be a major advantage.

The main duties will include working with the Business Analyst defining customer software solutions during early client engagements and collaborating with our software contractors to produce the software solutions using the most efficient, robust, resilient and secure infrastructures and coding.

Ongoing improvements to delivered solutions, identifying and fixing defects, developing in house monitoring and management tools as well as identifying and mitigating potential risks will be essential contributions to the success of the business.

The ideal candidate for this role must possess a current knowledge of modern agile software development models, a desire to expand their own knowledge base, an enthusiasm for future internet advances (ipfs, decentralised ledger technologies, cryptographic approaches to privacy enhancement, including modern hashing approaches as well as public key encryption protocols).

 and how to turn them into commercial advantages, significant coding skills, excellent communication, high concentration levels, personal task management and superior problem solving and critical thinking skills.


·         Designing and Testing Software Solutions.

·         Bash scripting.

·         Focus on Linux for deployment.

·         Managing Database Systems.

·         Maintaining Operating Systems.

·         Applicable awareness of containers (docker).

·         Setting up and running Kubernetes & AWS and using interfaces of other cloud providers.

·         User Interface coding awareness for cross platform operating systems (including Android, iOS, Windows).

·         Coding and debugging.

·         Troubleshooting software errors.

·         Providing technical support, guidance and awareness to the company’s executive team.


·         Degree in Computer Science/Computer Programming or equivalent.

·         Java, JSON, Python, HTML and a "detail" language such as Go/Rust/C++.

·         database knowledge (MySQL, decentralised ledgers, mongoDB).

·         Knowledgeable in modern software development tools and harnesses.

·         Aptitude for learning new technology with a keen interest in innovation in implementation.

Top Skills and Proficiencies:

  • Software Design and Coding.

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Process Definition and Improvement.

  • Teamwork / Relationship Building.

  • Software Maintenance / Problem Resolution.

  • Work under pressure /deadline driven.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Problem Solving.

  • Critical Thinking.

  • Confidentiality


An industry competitive package and benefits will be provided including performance-based stock options.  An opportunity to take a long-term, leading role in a high-growth company and sector.