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Investor Update #3

Dear Investors!

As you may have seen on our website, DocuChain is now focused on mission critical outcomes to the aerospace, defence, energy, utility, mining and transport sectors.  We now capture our B2B SaaS in these two summary sentences:

  • Linking physical assets and processes with embedded intelligence to their digital twins by creating a singular transactional domain with an immutable archive.

  • Delivering mission critical outcomes and business performance, real time authentications of evidentiary data and transactions in integrated value chains.

As part of our quickly developing end-to-end ecosystem, we are driving an execution consortium (under NDA) which includes an impressive array of participants:

  • LSE, circa £6B rev for packaging solutions

  • NYSE, circa $7B rev for labelling solutions

  • NASDAQ, circa $10B IC technology provider  

  • Secure printing and logistics (TALL Group has 3 plants in the UK)

  • Big 4 Auditor and leading System Integrator with applications where there is a need for certification of processes relating to assembly, testing, product conformity and logistics.

TALL Group in Hinckley is our certified secure print provider for polymer Artefacts. They are certified by UK clearing banks, so all software, digital print and logistics services for the handling of Artefact documents meet clearing bank standards.

Of course, Artefacts come in many other shapes, sizes and form factors!

We have a strategy that separates us from most IoT and blockchain companies.  Our 4Trust platform is “API-driven”, and artefact, blockchain and database agnostic!

·         Our containerised architecture supports flexibility, scale and low-cost solutions.  We can accommodate any blockchain or relational databased solutions to deliver an “immutable archive”.  Dr. David Lowe, CTO and Dr. Chris Satchwell, CSO have methods that provide existing database infrastructures with a secure archive by using distributed encryption.

·         DocuChain is also artefact agnostic, since many companies already have incumbent and trusted providers of NFC/RFID/MEM, nano particles, biomarkers and other technologies.  DocuChain is acquiring new Artefact partnerships and integrating them into Chain of Custody to give us a further competitive advantage.

Chain of Custody is now hosted on AWS and we are undertaking many demonstrations for channels and their end users!





Ben Leone