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Use Cases

Chain of Custody

DocuChain's focus is engaging licensees, who have existing End-to-End Hosting and System Integration clients in the sectors which follow.

Chains of Custody can be deployed quickly using existing IT and network infrastructure at a departmental level for a single application or across an entire business unit within a few weeks.  4Trust deployments are low-costlow-risk and fix-priced:

  • capital investment is zero;

  • portal customization is quick and cost effective;

  • each Chain of Custody requires a one-off fee for the creation of the physical or electronic ArtiFact and an annual license fee.

DocuChain's 4Trust Chain of Custody was developed in response to costly and unacceptable problems impacting the performance and reputations of enterprises and governments:

  • Providing an easily-deployed, cost-effective platform that irrefutably defines and manages key procedures and best practices that deliver:

    • Measurable operational and financial performance;

    • Consensual transparency in relationship management;

    • Rigorous control of mission critical processes;

    • Audit trail for regulatory compliance;

    • Computational security of processes, information and identities.

  • Delivering the Chain of Custody service to any person, at any location, at any time using a secure Portal and downloadable apps for Smart Phones and Lap Tops.

  • Providing an immutable, shared, peer-to-peer archive based upon open source blockchain technologies.

  • Ensuring full control over the Chain of Custody service to end users to allow erasure and to enshrine their right "to be forgotten" in accordance with GDPR.  

4Trust uses intelligent gateways or "ArtiFacts" that provide immediate and secure access to your bespoke Chains of Custody over the internet.

4Trust is the world's first seamless, real time liaison between the physical and logical elements found in all transactions.

4Trust delivers a computationally-trustworthy, singular transactional domain that stands up to audit and litigation.

In order to access technical and commercial information on Chain of Custody (CoC) Services, please request a Non-Disclosure Agreement from: benjamin.leone@docuchain.co.uk

Below are several links that demonstrate the business performance benefits of Chain of Custody. Since all front-end 4Trust Portals require authentication (designed to meet customer specific requirements) these demo sites also require a password which is: docuchaindemo

www.docuchain.co.uk/supply-chain-management -SPM

www.docuchain.co.uk/mission-critical-process - MCP

www.docuchain.co.uk/relationship-management - RM

www.docuchain.co.uk/high-value-transactions - HVT

www.docuchain.co.uk/maintenance-repair-overhaul - MRO

www.docuchain.co.uk/personal-data-pod - PDP