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NXP Semiconductors - Near Field Communication

NXP is driving Internet of Things (IoT) innovation in the secure connected vehicle, smart connected solutions, and end-to-end security and privacy markets. NXP is also the worlds market leader in the NFC industry.

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SCC - Hosting, Support, Channels

SCC plans, supplies, integrates and manages IT for leading public and private sector businesses across Europe. SCC has 5000 employees who operate from 75 locations in the UK and Europe with annual revenues in the range of £1.6 billion.


Blackcat Technology Solutions - Agile Development

BlackCat is an Agile Delivery Organisation that accelerates product delivery based on DevOps principles of Continuous Improvement, Maximum Automation, and end-to-end responsibility to banish the mindset of limitation. Product delivery is a never-ending journey – by focusing on maximising speed of travel, we go further and faster, and deliver more value.


TALL Group of Companies - Artifact Production

The TALL Group of Companies provides an innovative Chain of Custody and transaction verification platform that delivers absolute confidence and certainty to the user, provides real-time authentication and eliminates the risk of fraud.