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mission critical outcomes

Chain of Custody


Mission-critical business operations – from aerospace and defence manufacturing to energy production and transport depend upon trustworthy processes executed by multiple parties in disparate locations and organisations.

Asset protection and management, employee and customer safety, throughput and regulatory compliance depend upon process rigour, real time authentication of data and credentials and laser focus on consensus-based outcomes!

Managers often struggle to locate the relevant details, bring together the people tasked with performance and to fix urgent problems in real time.  Without both the detail and the big picture, it’s impossible to leverage opportunities, mitigate risk and achieve performance-based outcomes.

Extracting and assembling processes, people and data into performance-driven teams in real time is a daily challenge.  Delays and oversights can have operational and financial implications, impact on your brand and even result in regulatory sanctions.

Current client server silos are not flexible and agile enough.  They do not provide an immutable and evidentiary archive of your outcomes.


4Trust is a cloud-hosted service that connects all the elements that you select to deliver your agreed outcome in a multi-party ecosystem and authenticates processes, people and data in real time.

Chain of Custody, a 4Trust application, provides a trustworthy link between physical assets and processes - and their digital twins in the 4Trust portal.  The link is established using intelligent gateways based upon low-cost passive integrated circuits which are read by smartphones and other terminals to connect to your portal, where real rime authentications and operational processes are confirmed and recorded.

Images, video, documents and other data held in remote locations is entered in your Chains and is available to support and confirm your outcomes based upon your permissioned hierarchy for users.  All interactions in the Chain are recorded in distributed, encrypted archives (Chain of Custody is not blockchain powered).

This drives immediate and measurable operational, financial, regulatory and customer satisfaction returns that could not be achieved without costly, time-consuming, static back office integration.

4Trust is a scalable, secure, pay-as-you-go SaaS, B2B offering for system integrators and end users tasked with mission critical outcomes!