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Business Problem

High-value, mission-critical business operations – from aerospace manufacturing to energy production - are complex and depend upon trustworthy processes executed by multiple parties in disparate locations and organisations.

Managers often struggle to locate the relevant details, bring together the people tasked with performance and to fix urgent problems in real time.  Without both the detail and the big picture, it’s impossible to leverage opportunities, mitigate risk and achieve performance-based outcomes.

DocuChain Solution

Chain of Custody connects all the elements that you select to deliver your agreed outcome in a multi-party ecosystem that validates processes, people and data.

DocuChain’s unique, transformational 4Trust platform providesorganisations with a real time dashboard of their outcomes, web accessible from a laptop or mobile device. 

Chains of Custody enable full oversight over mission-critical outcomes and ensure best practice is rigorously followed.

This drives immediate and measurable operational, financial, regulatory and customer satisfaction returns.