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What is the business of DocuChain Limited?

DocuChain is a British based and owned software development and licencing company.  In July of 2018, DocuChain applied for a UK patent for its Chain of Custody platform and has recently extended its applications into the USA and EU.

DocuChain will be releasing 2 new applications in 2019 and 2020 to complement Chain of Custody.  These applications in aggregate are referred to as 4Trust.

DocuChain, delivering new paths to business performance!

What is 4Trust Chain of Custody?

4Trust provides an encrypted, distributed platform that enterprises and public organizations with high value or mission-critical operations - which for reasons of integrity, regulation and performance - depend on trust, transparency and real-time accountability of data points from multiple sources.

4Trust delivers a consensus approach in which all trusted parties can have confidence in the data, and unlike existing solutions, uses encrypted Artefacts to authenticate physical assets alongside logical data.

An immutable blockchain record can form the basis of validating the exchange of valued goods and services between parties without needing a mechanism of trust.

4Trust provides a user defined platform for optimising business performance and ensuring best practice is followed for both internal governance and external regulation.  The Chain of Custody process is described as follows:

  • Intelligent Artefact Gateways currently NFC-powered and in a variety of form factors including documents and for embedding into components and finished products.

  • End User Access Applications compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, web that read the artefact and are vectored to a secure portal.

  • Containerised Application Portal that allows the rapid configuration of bespoke business performance applications based upon end user defined outcomes.

  • Evidentiary Data Points that are captured in the portal using the end user applications and that support the agreed outcomes.

  • Credentials of Stakeholders that are captured in the portal using the end user applications and who are authorised to execute the agreed outcomes.

  • Building, Archiving and Authenticating Chains of Custody in real time and recording all end user activity in the portal and the access to all elements of the chain.

Computational, real time trust in fast-paced, high-value, peer-to-peer markets!

How does 4Trust meet the operational and commercial needs of licensees?

4Trust can be rendered and deployed in bespoke applications to meet end user defined requirements using its containerised application stack.

The interface to the 4Trust portal is designed to be domain specific, and can be through smartphone, tablet or NFC-reader enabled computers.

4Trust is “blockchain agnostic” and can be interfaced with any open source or enterprise private or public blockchain. 4Trust blockchains hold hashed information pointing to the location or owner of an Artefact and hashes of the temporal historical transaction records.

4Trust is also deployable into current databases and cloud-based infrastructure.

4Trust was designed by our architects to be easily-scaled, rapidly-deployed and very cost-effective with no single point of failure in the event of subversion or attack.

4Trust is auditable, traceable, immutable, private and secure!

How does DocuChain delivers a client-driven and client-approved ROI?

DocuChain has bespoke templates for calculating the ROI on every Chain of Custody.  The Chain of Custody ROI application delivers a chain-specific IRR, NPV and Payback Period.  Each Evaluator in the template that generates the ROI is defined by the end user and each value is provided by the end user.  The ROI is summarised in text, graphs and an executive presentation.

4Trust provides a transparent, ROI-driven assessment of your requirements!

What deployments does DocuChain have underway?

Several pilot projects are under development and deployment with several internationally recognised system integrators.  These projects are all client-driven (versus a “technology demonstrator”) and will be migrated into revenue generating projects by our channels. 

 Please watch our Blog on this site for updates!

How do channels and their end users engage with DocuChain?

DocuChain channels conduct pilots under a framework licence that is not for commercial deployments.  This allows channel partners to explore how to use 4Trust in their own client environment.  Once execution level details are agreed, the interim framework can be morphed into an end-user, application-specific license with prices and terms that reflect channel and end user commercial requirements.

Our B2B model is based upon a “pay as you go” basis, which removes or minimises capex requirements.  Chain of Custody’s flexible, containerised architecture means that customisation costs for bespoke applications are nominal.

4Trust – delivering transparent and consensus-based equities in trust, custody and value!